Sports Shoe Bag & Change Mat (2 in 1). Carry your sports shoes and protect your feet.

Sports Shoe Bag + Change Mat= Bagmat. Carry your Sports Shoes and keep your feet clean while changing in the Gym locker room.

Clean, soft and warm surface for your feet: Thick 5mm neoprene keeps your feet comfortable while you change in the gym locker and protects from floor germs.

Perfect Size: Sports Shoe Bag fits shoes up to size 13 (EU 45). When used as a Change Mat it provides a large step-on surface for balance and comfort.

Sports Shoes won’t stink up: Ventilation window ensures moisture removal.

Smooth, easy opening and tight closing: Large quality zipper and handle tails make it easy to open and tightly close the Bagmat

Durable and Easy to Clean: Thick, high quality neoprene is easy to wash, clean and dry.