Reversible Gym Towel- Ultimate Gym Hygiene

REVOLUTION IN GYM HYGIENE: The REVERSIBLE SHELL design ensures you wipe your face with an ALWAYS CLEAN inside towel surface. While the outside towel surface takes all the heat (dirt) of the gym environment. 

IT'S MAGNETIC/ STAYS PUT ON VERTICAL BENCHES: Strong corner magnets keep the towel fixed on vertical benches even during intense sets.

STICK IT TO METAL WHEN NOT IN USE: Use the magnets to "hang" your gym towel on any metal surface in the gym. Towel will stay clean longer. Less washing- better for the environment.

PERFECT GYM SIZE: 16” x 32” (40cm x 80cm) and comes with a mesh bag 

BEST MICROFIBER FOR GYM USE: Towel is made of specially designed Microfiber - soft, compact, very absorbent, fast drying, super durable, anti-odor.