Why are GYM ADKT products different?

Function: All the GYM ADKT products are created for athletes by athletes with years of experience on the gym floor. Competitive Bodybuilders and Powerlifters of World and European level are among our product development consultants.

Quality: Each and every product coming from the manufacturing line is tested personally by the owner of the GYM ADKT brand. That guarantees quality for each FitFam member who chooses to purchase GYM ADKT products.

Fair Price: Currently, our products are sold via Amazon.com and our website. As we sell directly to the people we can eliminate the middleman charges and provide great prices to our clients.  

Your deal with a Real Person: We are a small company and want to stay that way. In rare case of any issues with a product, our clients will deal with a live person (sometimes with the brand owner directly) who can make decisions on the spot and promptly solve problems.

Where are GYM ADKT products made?

The product ideas and concepts are developed in the US.

The manufacturuing part is done in Asia. The labor and material costs are  prohibitively high in the States. It’s a fact. And, as athletes, we don’t want to spend a fortune on gym gear. And neither do our clients. So the brand owner travelled extensively to find the most reliable and quality partners. Currently, the factory managers are more like friends and that, yet again, ensures best quality and fair pricing- relationships is everything!


Product specific questions:


Magnetic Sport Bottle Holder

Is the Bottle Holder adjustable? Yes,  it can be adjusted to bottle sizes from 25oz (750 ml) to 40oz (1,2 L) bottles.

What is the maximum bottle volume that it can hold? We used it with 40oz (1,2 L) bottles with no problems. But we state 35oz (1 L) max in product description just to be on the safe side.

What is the height of the bottle holder? 7” (18cm)

What is the max bottle diameter?: up to 3.54” (9cm)

What kind of sport bottle shapes are recommended? We recommend straight wall bottles for comfortable use.


GYM ADKT 200% Gym Towel

Will the magnets hold the towel if I stick it to metal in the gym? Yes.

What is the towel made of? High quality microfiber. Soft, very absorbent, quick drying, anti odor.

Does the towel come in a mesh bag? Yes


Magnetic Phone Holder for Gym

Which phones would fit into the Phone Holder? The Phone Holder is big enough to hold large phones with cases- 6.7” X 3.9” (17,2cm x 10cm). Please measure the size of your phone to see if it will fit.

My phone is big, is the Phone Case strong enough to hold my phone? The Phone Case can hold up to 2.2lbs (1kg)

Can the magnetic field of the magnets in the Phone Case damage my phone? No.


Sports Shoe Bag & Change Mat

What size shoes can it fit? Up to size 13 (EU 45)

Is it waterproof? The current version is not

What kind of neoprene is used? 5mm thick neoprene

Is it ventilated? Yes, ventilation window ensures moisture removal so your shoes won’t stink up even if left in the Bagmat overnight.

Can I wash it? Yes, it’s neoprene, wet suits are made from it. Just shower it with warm water and hang to dry. Do not bend it while drying as it will cause lines on the neoprene body.